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Xtra Speed Sentinel D90 1/10 – Scale Crawler + Body


The blog contribution to the Sentinel D90 from XTRA SPEED has long been overdue, today I would like to introduce you my ASTS competition chassis 2017. The chassis fits perfectly as the name suggests under a Landrover Defender D90. I would like to show you what I am going to do with it and how it should look.


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Helpful RC Tips

Every Pro racer was once a beginner. Who knows if you would become the next world Champion! Now we are here to share some simple tips with you!


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Traxxas Scale Crawler Prototype Photos

Having been in the game for 30 years, it was only a matter of time before Traxxas were going to enter the scale crawler scene! Below we have some prototype pictures of their up and coming scale crawler!


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1/28 Mini Chassis Showdown! Mini-Z VS GL-Racing GLA VS Atomic BZ

With a sudden increase in selection in the market of 1/28 Chassis’ we thought we would help you all decide on your new chassis if you do wish on entering this small yet hugely addictive and fun class of racing! We do comparisons between the original 1/28: Kyosho Mini-Z, GL-Racin’s GLA featuring designs taken from 1/10 Competition Grade Chassis’ and improved for 1/28 use! Last but not least, would be the brand new belt driven BZ from Atomic!


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The last battery you will ever need?

How will these batteries affect the RC world?

We all know the two most popular batteries in the RC world are NiMH and Lipo, but as technology improves rapidly, new batteries are being developed.


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rcMart 2017 First Sale! Store Credit, Redeem, Sale and More!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To kick things off for 2017, we’re introducing our massive First Sale! We’ve lowered the requirements for our store credit rebate program so that more people can take advantage and use this rebate system!


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Changes in RC over the last two decades

Over the last 10-20 years, the RC industry has progressed further than any other point in history. Every part has become more powerful, efficient and more durable. The motors, batteries, tires, and other gear changed! Even the tracks across the country! Let’s have a look at the advancement in the past few years!


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XTRA SPEED – Tuning / Hop-Up Parts for the Axial Racing – SCX10 From rc-modellbau-blog.com/


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Enjoy RC with your Friends !! Specials, Giveaways, Massive Savings with us this X-Mas!

Find out more about our series of promotions we’re introducing this December to help you shop for Christmas!


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RC101: Set Up Suspension and Shocks

If I say setting up the suspension and shocks are the big obstruct of many RC Beginner on building their RC car, I think that most of you (especially if you are one of the beginner) would agree to it. There are enough tuning options on even the simplest of vehicles to make your head spin. In this article, we will focus on the following five aspects of your vehicle’s final setup for any given purpose: Camber, Caster, Toe-In/Out, Ride Height & Droop and Shock Angle. Also, we will introduce some simple tools to make your set up easier!


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Choosing the perfect ESC

Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs controls the speed of the electric motor inside your RC model (which you can probably tell from the name anyway). Cheaper or ‘toy-grade’ models may use ESCs that are inseparable from the receiver or combining much of the electronics on one circuit board, but we are here to talk about the stand-alone unit types.


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rcMart Black Friday and Thanks Giving Specials!

Take advantage of our Black Friday and Thanksgiving Specials! With a massive black themed sale and free rcMart pit mat and more!


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