Xpress Team Driver – Faye Chai, Chau man & Keith had joined the 2018 PMTC  1/10 Touring EP 10th Anniversary Friendly Match in last weekend (15 – 18 Nov 2018). Chau man selected the Xpress Execute XQ1 to race in the touring road. Faye Chai and Keith choose Xpress Execute XM1S to join the M-Chassis road!

Let’s check out it now!

IMG_20181118_125629_1 IMG_20181118_125659

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46313383_2173385876026712_8485210576220323840_o 46317989_2173385596026740_4442223518213472256_n 46332162_2173385679360065_6905057022434082816_n 46334826_2173385889360044_5716609936356540416_o 46334838_2173385699360063_3726801383970570240_o 46350766_2173385292693437_6314737986919464960_o 46361211_2173385782693388_8949821738661707776_o 46378877_2173385132693453_3298599067319271424_o



Keith and Fayechai scored TQ, A1 and A2 respectively in the 4wd Mini class both driving the Execute XM1S.mmexport1542565172787

Keith also managed to get top qualifier and the win in the tightly contested 17.5t GT Spec Class. This class was unique in the fact that everyone’s straight line speed was the same thanks to the limited gear ratio, control ESC/Motor and they even provided charged batteries which kept everyone on a level playing field!

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