Overdose XEX ze cross Chassis preorder now available at rcMart!  Check out what other Overdose Stuff we have!

Overdose XEX ze cross Chassis information update! Seems like you will be able to adjust CS ratios freely and get the precise ratio that you want. Traditionally because of gear mesh, you could only use the ratios provided in the sets. But now you can use any combination of gears and set the perfect mesh to get the CS ratio that you want. Very neat!


Update 31/JUL

OD new chassis prototype now separated into pieces. This is the final verification step before manufacturing, making a whole list of parts from big to small one. The R&D chief  of Overdose Yodo always struggles to minimize the type and number of little pieces every time designs new products, however the volume always results larger than what he expected.

So as you can see, the car is in final preparation so you can expect an ETA anytime soon.















Module is structured from 3 units, Front, Center and Rear. Front and Rear units are able to detach form main frame by taking off 4 screws, The quick release gearbox can help you to maintenance more easily too~ Stay tuned!!!