ABC Hobby announced the Gambado Naked 2018 1/10 FF Touring Car Kit is coming soon. It is the new version of ABC Hobby’s Gambado Naked series. Are the 2018 version can inherit the good blood from the previous one?

What is the new specification and features about the Gambado Naked 2018!

Let’s check out the features of Gambado Naked 2018 now!


Chassis Speicifcation

  • Driving method: Front 2WD
  • Suspension: King Pin strut method
  • Differential: Sealed 4 Bevel Gear Differential
  • Chassis: Bathtub
  • Front and rear dampers: Oil damper
  • Steering ring: crank type
  • Bearings: 12 pieces
  • Suspension: King Pin Strut Me
  • Wheelbase: 208mm – 210 mm
  • Width: Front 163mm, Rear 163 mm
  • Length: 285 mm
  • Height: 3mm – 8mm
  • Weight 1050g
  • Rear toe: Adjustable
  • Camber: Adjustable
  • Transmission Ratio: 3.8 to 8.5

Original Information


Credit: ABC Hobby Offical Website

Coming soon on rcMart~!

Let’s experience the ABC Hobby Gambado Naked 2017 version first, before the 2018 version releases.

ABC Hobby 1/10 Gambado Naked 2017 Japan Version M-Chassis Touring Car Kit EP #25614

A fusion of past, present and future design that has been proven in racetracks around the world!!

The Gambado NAKED rcMart Limited CFRP Ver. 2017 is a high-performance Front Wheel Drive M chassis that will bring excitement to both hobbyist and racer.

The design and engineering put into this chassis promote performance and durability of the Gambado, Full Ball bearings, Universal Shafts, Hex hardware, CFRP chassis that can accommodate the latest 7.4V Lipo Batteries with the low center of gravity design layout all come as standard with this car kit.


Quick Feature

  • Universal Joint (CVD) – new design
  • Front Knuckle Arm – new design
  • Stabilizer (Anti-roll bar) Front & Rear – new design
  • Aluminum Rear Bulkhead & Carbon Graphie Support plate – new design
  • Carbon Graphie Front Upper Mount – new design
  • Carbon Graphie Rear Upper Mount – new design
  • Accuracy Damper & Option Spring (Yellow)
  • POM Kingpin Ball & POM Kingpin Ball Holder
  • And more …

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