We at rcMart are delighted to announce we are now an official distributor for Acuvance (Keyence)! With such an amazing set of gear, we could not resist to install a set and we wanted to show you the process and explain to you why Acuvance’s gear is considered one of the best! All of course, installed on our R31House GRK Global!

To kick things off, we would like to introduce to you the basic package which would get you into the world of high end electronics by Acuvance!

acuvance keyence bs dual tachyon airia

From the above, you will be able see that you will require an Acuvance Tachyon Airia Esc, Acuvance BS Dual Motor (Winding is of your choice, but I went with the 10.5t) and an Acuvance Tao II Program Card which allow for easily changing the settings on the ESC. Special mention that it is possible to program the ESC by following the blinking pattern of the lights on the ESC.

acuvance keyence Tachyon Airia

At the heart of this build is the Acuvance Airia Tachyon Brushless ESC, as one of the ESCs with battery and Motor Cables on opposite sides which allow for easy wiring! You would notice that at the top of the ESC is missing holes for installing an ESC fan, the Tachyon Airia features a Ceramic Heat Dissipation located where you would normally expect a fan. With this piece of Ceramic, is enough for cooling the ESC, the folks who do not have Blue cars fear not, as we have Matte Black, Red, White Carbon and Pearl Black for you to match your chassis!


acuvance keyence brain unit

acuvance keyence brain unit

As an option part, you can also go with the Acuvance Brain Unit which will allow you to adjust ESC parameters wirelessly through Bluetooth. Acuvance gives you the option of being able to install the brain unit underneath the chassis or connecting it to the esc through a “Brain Unit Connection Wire” which will allow it to be placed somewhere else on the chassis. Besides adjusting the settings without having to plug the ESC into the program card, the brain unit also acts as an telemetry and light module.

acuvance keyence TAO II

By installing the Acuvance Brain Unit and having the Tao II Program Card, you can pair the both together for adjusting ESC settings wirelessly! Besides adjusting ESC settings, you can also read telemetry readings as well as diagnosing problems with the ESC!

acuvance keyence Chevalier Master Capacitor

Anyone who’s dabbled in the drift world would have heard of Acuvance’s Capacitors! In this build, we chose the Chevalier Master which is the top of the line in Acuvance’s Capacitor series! Acuvance’s Capacitors will provide a more linear feel by supplementing your ESC with power when you give throttle as usually the voltage in the Battery will drop and at that point the Capacitor will kick in and supply power which in turn gives you a linear throttle response.

acuvance keyence bs dual acuvance keyence bs dual

The Acuvance BS Dual Motors are said to be one of the smoothest motors on the market, with adjustable timing and cooling holes which allow for efficient cooling. The rotor has angled fan blades which will induce air from the holes in the can which will aid in the cooling of the motor.