All-Star RC Drift Challenge 2018 had been completed successfully on 1,2 December 2018. The event organized by Hobby Prince & Kota Kinabalu Drift Revo, and it gathered many drift car lovers who live in Malaysia., Sunyap Development Sdn Bhd, DS Racing Thailand & Hobby Haven Sdn Bhd had sponsored this event for supporting organizer team to run the event.

This event had different class to choose,

  • Super Star RWD
  • Rising Star RWD
  • Super Star AWD
  • Trial RWD
  • Trial AWD

This is a fun time for the driver sharing their skill. See you next time.

Let’s check out this event now!

Highlight Video

Event Photo

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SuperStarRWD TrialAWD TQ, Team Tandem, Twin Tandem, Best Bodyshell TrialRWD RisingStarRWD SuperStarAWD

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