Asian Nitro Championship 2019 Hong Kong stop had been completed successfully in last weekend from 9/3/2019 – 10/3/2019 in Tom Racing Circuit, Hong Kong. This event is sponsored by Brilliant RC, RC CAR, Gimar, Protoform, Matrix, Power HD, Looxon, Energy Fuel, Kars Korea that must a big international event. It is the first year of Asian Nitro Championship and it will be held all over the world in order to gather nitro diver/lover together to enjoy this exciting match.

Let’s check out the first round highlight!

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rcMart team driver – Chau man had joined this international event and got the 7th runner up in the Amain and using the Matrix Racing tire that one of the brand who joins rcMart sell network recently. It is our pleasure to become the distributor in Hong Kong and China region.


rcMart Driver – Chau Man (The second person, court start from the left side)


Hope you all have fun in this match, see you next round!

The highlight and interview video with the international driver will be posted soon!

Stay tuned!

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