rcMart spokesperson – Atsushi Hara is the Asia Sales Manager of HB Racing. This is our pleasure that rcMart becomes the distributor of HB Racing in the China and Hong Kong region. We will bring HB Racing latest products to all of you!

Blog, Atsushi Hara - rcMart spokesperson - Sales Manager of HB racing in China and Hong Kong region

The 1st batch of stock is two buggies.

HB Racing D418 1/10 Competition Electric Buggy 4wd #HB204241

The D418 from HB Racing builds on the success of the D413 electric 1/10 4WD competition buggy, adding features optimized for the new breed of high grip racetracks around the world. The D413 was legendary for its durability that allowed racers to push the car harder than the typically frail 1/10 4WD electric buggies. In the HB Racing tradition, designer Torrance Deguzman dedicated the new D418 design to focused improvement for competitive racing. The result is a thoroughly modern race car, ready to win straight from the box.

Quick Features

  • NEW Aluminum chassis
  • NEW Raised side guards for the chassis
  • NEW Refined chassis layout similar to E817
  • NEW Fore-Aft center bulkhead adjustment
  • NEW Easy access center diff
  • And more…

Find out more: https://bit.ly/30jSnbJ

HB Racing D819 1/8 Competition Nitro Buggy #HB204450

New from HB Racing is the D819 nitro 1/8 buggy. The latest iteration of the World Champion line of buggies from HB Racing, the D819 adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition.

The foundation for the D819 starts with a 7075 aircraft aluminum chassis that adds 4mm of length to the rear of the car which allows a longer wheelbase (up to the maximum regulation) and shifts the overall center of gravity for more stability, especially on high-speed corners. The chassis is symmetrical for better balance and more consistent jumping and cornering. And it’s strategically machined to decrease weight and balance the flex characteristics. A machined aluminum center chassis brace that strengthens the center section of the car, and an updated chassis with countersunk mounting holes for the new brace.

  • NEW 1 piece engine mount
  • NEW Narrow hex hubs
  • NEW 1 piece sway bar links
  • NEW Heavy-duty spur gear
  • NEW JConcepts Silencer S15 clear body
  • And more…

Find out more: https://bit.ly/2P1e92G

More HB Racing products on rcMart: https://bit.ly/33KaI3Q

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