Axial announced some aluminum and steel option parts for the Yeti Jr. off-road car is coming soon. The alloy parts include steering knuckles, C-hub carriers, a steering rack set, rear axle shafts, as well as rear axle lockers. All are made of high-quality 6061 aluminum and they come hard-anodized for improved wear and looks. Laser-etched Axial logos make the parts stand out. As for the steel items, Axial rolls out 48.5mm front axle shafts as well as a rear driveline. The shafts are machined from durable steel and they come with a hard surface finish for durability. All of the above parts are direct replacements for the standard items and they add strength, precision and last but not least visual impact.

Let’s check out it now!


AXI31622 Yeti Jr. Steering Knuckle Set (Aluminum) axial

#AXI31627  Steel Rear Driveline

AXI31623 Yeti Jr. C-Hub Carrier (Aluminum) axial

#AXI31623  C-Hub Carrier (Aluminum)

AXI31624 Yeti Jr. Rear Axle Shafts (Aluminum) axial

#AXI31624 Rear Axle Shafts (Aluminum)

AXI31625 Yeti Jr. Front Axle Shafts (Steel) axial

#AXI31625 Front Axle Shafts (Steel)

AXI31626 Yeti Jr. Steering Rack (Aluminum) axial

#AXI31626 Steering Rack (Aluminum)

AXI31627 Yeti Jr. Steel Rear Driveline axial

#AXI31627 Steel Rear Driveline

AXI31628 Yeti Jr. Aluminum Rear Locker axial

#AXI31628 Aluminum Rear Locker

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Axial Yeti Jr. 1/18 4WD RTR Rock Racer Car Kit EP #AX90054

Video Credit: axialvideos @YouTube Channel

With the introduction of the Yeti line back in 2014, the bar was set. Axial introduced a vehicle that featured independent front suspension(IFS) with a floating solid rear axle, something commonly reserved only for the full size off-road realm. This time around, the decision was made to make things a wee bit smaller, while still providing a high level of performance. Enter, Yeti Jr.™ Rock Racer 1/18th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR. We’ve taken all that you’ve come to love and appreciate in the Yeti chassis, but shrunk it down to 1/18th scale.

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