The Axial SCX10 II chassis is the first choice for builders looking to do custom creations. To help fuel this creativity, we’ve released the Raw Builder’s Kit, a minimalistic version of our SCX10 II that allows you to choose your own wheels, tires, body, and electronics. By giving you this option, we let you customize both the look and performance of the best trail truck chassis on the market. To help you build your ultimate project, the Raw Builder’s Kit includes a full set of aluminum links (steering and suspension), WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts, and mounting hardware to build an 11.4”, 12.0” or 12.3” vehicle.

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Axial | SCX10 II raw builder’s kit trail truck – Features

Video Credit: Axialvideo @YouTube Channel

Axial | SCX10 II raw builder’s kit trail truck – Action

Video Credit: Axialvideo @YouTube Channel


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