Carisma Racing had introduced the new CRF-1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T Kit #79968, formula 1. The body is licensed by Classic Team Lotus and not only a fun and icon RC F1 car to own, but it’s also a collectible snapshot of automotive history. Performance-wise, the CRF-1 platform is as adjustable as possible, to cater to every track/surface type and driving style.

Let’s check out it now!

rcmart-blog-CarismaRacingLotus98T (7)

The components and materials used to represent the finest and most durable for this type of racing, allowing the driver to compete at the very highest level, and be able to fine-tune the setup and chassis geometry to win races. The kit includes the chassis and highly detailed body shell and wings but no wheels, tires, electronics or paints.

– Full carbon fiber race chassis, aircraft-grade alloy, and composite components
– Unique front bulkhead design for multiple setups and ease of on-the-fly tuning
– Rear pivot pod with innovative side shock sliders and optional Dual-Stage Suspension
– Every aspect of the geometry is fully adjustable to dial in any track condition
– Real-world tested. No theoretical simulation, race proven
– The 98T body molded from race-spec polycarbonate supplied clear and pre-cut
– Includes fully detailed decal sheets, including Senna helmet detailing
– Accepts all ETS-legal and other wings

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