Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs controls the speed of the electric motor inside your RC model (which you can probably tell from the name anyway). Cheaper or ‘toy-grade’ models may use ESCs that are inseparable from the receiver or combining much of the electronics on one circuit board, but we are here to talk about the stand-alone unit types.

There is a huge variety of options where they are designed to handle different types of cars, driving styles and skill levels. Beginners may have a tough time choosing the one that suits them.




Follow the descriptions!
First of all, you should find out what the ESC is powered by and what motor it should be used with. If it is described as brushed motor and Max Voltage supported compatible, then that’s what you use it with. Make sure you read the description! The next specification you have to check is the maximum current rating. They are usually shown in Amps (e.g. 25A) and it tells you how much power a motor that particular ESC can be paired with. The ESC’s Amp rating doesn’t have to match the maximum amperage draw of the motor, but the closer it is, the better. Also make sure you find the perfect fit ESC for your model! Big doesn’t necessary mean its better, finding the balance is the key!


Other features
You also want to look out for other features, such as reverse / dynamic braking capability, different modes for different purposes and computer programming depending on how you will use it!

In general, reverse and braking options are one of the most important factors that you have to lookout for. Race mode shuts down the reverse capability to enhance racing experience. Definitely not something you want on a Crawler!

For advanced users
More advanced ESCs will usually have custom programming options either set through the computer or a program box, allowing you to personalize a variety of functions such as the low voltage cut-off point, timing of command execution and default acceleration/braking patterns.



If you are too lazy or find it too difficult to choose the right ESC, we have some combos just for you!

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