It’s Christmas again! Who doesn’t love Christmas?! But when it comes to getting a Christmas present, it could give you a bit of headache.

Worry no more as we are here to help you to get the perfect gift for your loved ones.

We also have a little tip for those who still have no clue on what to get at the end. (Could be anything, not just rc cars)


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Traxxas TRX4 Tactical Unit (3)

First of all, ask yourself a question. Does that person like cars? If he does, yay, this is for him. If he doesn’t, that’s not the right guy for you! (just kidding)

So, he like cars, but you don’t know much about them right? Here are so factors to break it down.

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1. Does he like sports car, rock crawler, monster trucks or buggies?

Sports cars … move on to question 2

Rock Crawlers … move on to question 3

Monster trucks … Click here

Buggies … Click here

Image result for x-maxx

2. Does he prefer speedy cars or drift?

We recommend these touring cars if he loves the speed

We recommend these drift cars if he loves to tackle the corners in style

Image result for touring rc cars rcmart

3.  Does he enjoy building his own RC crawlers?

Yes … Click here

No … Click here

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Here is a little tip if you are still uncertain for what he wants for Christmas present.


Tell him you have already bought him a present and let him take a guess….There you go! He/She will be telling you everything he/she wants! You are welcome!


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