In traditional RC world, most people are pursuing fast speed of their RC car. People concerns how exciting of racing a super fast car. They do many all around how to improve the speed of car only. But, there have another group of people looking for the car more adaptable on the rugged road. Rock Crawler is the thing required for people to seriously consider the best racing way on the rugged road, it emphasizes the player’ control skill. The moment of passing the obstacles is a short time, but you need to keep looking the solution that the fascinating point of crawler, self-achievement.   ax10_deadbolt_01a_800pxIn traditional, people need to upgrade the components from a touring car.  As more and more people join the crawler group, RC car producer started to develop the new crawler car product line. The first Crawler was produced by Axial, Ax10 Scorpion is the oldest finished car.  Nowadays, Rock Crawler is the trend in RC.


In Rock Crawler, people concern how much the car can imitate rather than the speed. Crawler manufacturer produces the high reality car and upgrades components to fulfill the demand. Many crawler car club or organization will organize crawler car competition regularly in order to gather RC people together. In the event, people can share their skill and knowledge of maintaining an Rc car. Also, players have an opportunity to prove themselves in control crawler, even the performance of their crawler.


You may ask how the crawler competition going on? Crawler competitions can be classified into two type that in-door and out-door. Indoor competition is more suitable for families together as no need to go outside, but organizer needs to constructing a race road that time and resource required. Outdoor competition is exciting and there has more uncertainty that rich experience required to the participants.

In working a crawler competition, the race road is between 30m to 50m usually and there have many obstacles on road. Participants are required to use the least time to pass all checkpoint. Any car upside down and stagnate on road, Officials of the competition will re-lay your car on road but penalty time added. The winner will go to the player who uses the least time and least time of error occurred. Also, it has a rule for crawler what aims to maintain the fairness to all participants, the car size, wheel size, motor unit, weight, etc.

For example, rcMart will organize in-door crawler competition yearly.


Rock Crawler is the car type is the most suitable car for new players as low opportunity to break down. It is because the racing speed is slow and high protectability compare with touring car. The total cost of one set of a crawler is cheaper than assemble a touring car, also it is requiring a low cost to maintain as replace the damaged component. Some manufacturers release RTR (Ready to Run) model that can be operated by inserting a battery only. Traxxas TRX-4 and coming soon TRX-4 Sport is the examples of RTR model.

Traxxas TRX-4 


Traxxas TRX-4 Sport

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