Exotek announced that the heavy duty aluminum steering spindles and rear hub carriers for Tekno RC’s NB/EB48 series. The HD 7075 alloy steering spindles and rear hubs for the EB48.4 and NB48.4 series ensure consistent suspension performance and handling and they are extra durable for high-powered applications and polished and anodized in glossy Tekno team colors for that factory look. The spindles and rear uprights are available as separate sets and they match the stock geometry.

Let’s check out it now!


EB48 NB48 HD STEERING SPINDLES, 7075 1 PAIR #1876DSC_1346__45086.1548190507.1280.1280 DSC_1352__50163.1548190496.1280.1280 DSC_1351__61070.1548190483.1280.1280

EB48 NB48 HD REAR HUB SET, 7075 1 PAIR #1874DSC_1349__26184.1548190198.1280.1280DSC_1353__45928.1548190211.1280.1280

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

More Exotek products on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2Fk9v9H

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