Exotek announced that the chassis conversion set for TB05 and Evo6 kits is coming soon. The set transforms the stock TB05 into a high performance shaft drive terror! In the age of spec 25.5 and 21.5 motor classes, this is the secret to maximizing the power of these controlled speed classes. Nothing tops the cool running efficiency and friction reducing drive train of a well tuned shaft drive car. Add the proven performance of the Tamiya suspension and our modern and lightweight chassis set and you will have yourself a very potent race car.

Let’s check out it now!

rcMart, blog, Exotek Chassis Conversion Set for TB05  #1900 rcMart, blog, Exotek Chassis Conversion Set for TB05  #1900

Quick Features

  • Low profile all alloy steering set that uses 8 bearings for precision steering movement.
  • New 1 piece center mount servo mount included.
  • Extra lightweight LCG motor plate set with centrally mounted and triangulated base ensures solid motor mounting and superb gear mesh while independent of the top plate to reduce tweak and provide better top plate flex traits.
  • New 3 piece LCG motor plate design makes for easier pinion gear meshing and changes and easier spur gear changes.
  • 2mm thick USA made premium carbon fiber chassis for superb flex traits for rubber tire racing.
  • Ultra narrow chassis layout for reduced chassis scrub. Only 79mm wide!
  • Motor placement is positioned on the left side of the chassis to induce better on power stability.
  • New one piece, hard anodized, spur mount/ input shaft eliminates most of the heavy stock TB05 center driveline parts.
  • New hard anodized center shaft drive cup uses plastic pucks for reduced wear and quieter drive line.
  • New lightweight heavy duty carbon fiber center driveshaft included.
  • Lipo cradle system with adjustable sliding holders (forward or back or in or out) for preferred weight balance.
  • New lipo tabs and posts included.
  • Battery holders accepts full size and LCG 7.4v lipo packs.

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

Don’t miss the TB05!

Tamiya TB05 PRO 1/10 Touring Chassis Kit EP #58658

rcMart, blog, tamiya-58658 TB05 PRO 1/10 Touring Chassis Kit

This assembly kit creates an efficient shaft-driven 4WD chassis. Its composite structure with integrated lower deck and side frame sections facilitates a largely symmetrical design for balanced steering. Choose between 2 layouts, with a front motor position for superb stability, or a rear motor for dynamic drive. Steering linkage components are bulkhead-mounted to eliminate the effect of chassis roll. With full ball bearings, universal shafts and gear differential units, the drivetrain is as smooth as silk, as is the ride thanks to TRF dampers. Square-shaped IFMAR regulation battery packs are compatible.

Quick Features

  • TRF Special Dampers
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Aluminum Propeller Shafts
  • Front/Rear Gear Differentials
  • And more…

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