Exotek announced that the new and improved 2nd generation performance pro chassis conversion for the 3Racing FGX EVO is coming soon. Completely updates the FGX EVO into a track worthy competitor by changing out the electronics layout for optimal weight bias and more importantly drops significant weight from the base car. Gives you that competitive edge by combining the independent suspension of the FGX with an extra lightweight yet more durable chassis package.

Let’s check out it now!

rcMart, blog, Exotek | New EFX2 F1 Carbon Chassis Conversion Kit for 3Racing FGX Evo  #1896

Quick Features

  • Cuts almost 100gr versus the stock components.
  • 10mm shortened wheelbase for increased corner speeds and more on power grip.
  • Adjustable forward or back lipo cradle system with lateral battery mounting accepts standard shorty batteries. Allows adjusting weight bias on the fly as track conditions require.
  • Heavy duty top plate system provides better durability and a lower center of gravity over the stock plate.
  • New F104 style chassis-mounted wing allows mounting of more durable and lighter F104/Xray wings (required). Eliminates the brittle stock wing ‘beak’.
  • Alloy front IFS mounting plate for secure IFS suspension operation.
  • Machined front damper set with a ‘soft’ spring set that has much softer yet plush damping compared to the stock units. Greatly improves steering response and the ability to soak up bumps.
  • Alloy front sway bar mount.
  • Carbon rear camber mount plates- eliminates the flex and easy tweaking of the stock camber mounts.
  • Longer rear turnbuckles for greater rear end stability.
  • 2.5mm thick premium carbon fiber chassis and components.
  • Carbon front arm braces with droop screw mounting. Moves the droop screw away from the IFS rocker for easier droop screw adjustment.
  • Instructions sheets included. Details installing of optional #54357 F104 steering hubs for better F104 style tire choices.
  • The stock FGX body fits but a lightweight F104/Xray style F1 body is recommended for greater weight savings.

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

Don’t miss the FGX EVO!

3Racing 1/10 Sakura FGX2018 Formula 1 w/ Clear Body EP F1 Car Kit #KIT-FGX-EVO2018/CL

rcMart, blog, 3Racing 1/10 Sakura FGX2018 Formula 1 w/ Clear Body EP F1 Car Kit #KIT-FGX-EVO2018/CL

The first generation of FGX due to it realistic design, it has won the heart of the F1 fans. Therefore, we have been keeping our original intention in mind when we design the second generation “FGX EVO” which is realistic, running stability and durability.

Quick Features

  • At the motor area on the main chassis it has extended 10mm long to allow more gearing setup options.
  • Realistic four-wheel independent suspension provides better running performance.
  • Big bore rear dampers improved rear tires grip.
  • Front laydown friction dampers provide better front tires grip.
  • And more…

More Exotek products on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2Fk9v9H

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