Exotek announced that the new V2 IFS set for the Tamiya TRF103, F104 or Exotek F1R3 is coming soon. New V2 IFS set includes wider heavy duty machined Delrin arms that add 2mm per side, precision machined Delrin shock pistons and HD steering pins. With the IFS suspension, your handling becomes much more linear with real body roll characteristics which means you can drive harder into a corner while maintaining stability and confident road holding performance which translates to improved overall race time results and consistency.

Let’s check out it now!

DSC_1401__30623.1551732045.1280.1280 DSC_1395__81058.1551732045.1280.1280 DSC_1397__60635.1551732045.1280.1280 DSC_1396__38152.1551900992.1280.1280 DSC_1398__07162.1551901040.1280.1280 DSC_1394__79966.1551732042.1280.1280 DSC_1399__78305.1551732042.1280.1280 DSC_1400__84935.1551732046.1280.1280 DSC_1408__67225.1551901251.1280.1280

Excellent on rough and bumpy track conditions and tames all high-speed asphalt tracks by making your F1 glide through all sections. Additionally, when coupled with the optional upper arm set, the design features of the IFS gives modelers much more set up options just as a real car. Like a touring car, the IFS lets you attack corners without fear of getting pitched out of the groove which typically happens with conventional F1 cars.

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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