GL Racing starts to release the upgrade parts for thier new 1/28 GLF-1 F1 RWD Chassis Kit. The 1st upgrade part to be announced is Brass Left/Right Plates For GLF-1 F1 which help racer to modify the CG of the chassis for the different purpose!

Let’s check out it now!

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GL Racing 1/28 GLF-1 F1 RWD Chassis Kit #GLF-1-001-KSET

Quick Features
-Adjustable Tri-damper rear suspension
-Adjustable Duo-damper front suspension
-Adjustable right/left chassis weight balance
-Lexan shell and nylon front/rear spoilers
-Optimal chassis layout to achieve ultra-low CG
-Double arms front suspension
-114mm wheelbase
-And more…

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