Heaps of Wrap-Up Next New Products Coming Soon at rcMart!!! Iucluding the GX Front Knuckle For NERVIS & VX-DOCK chassis and high precision aluminum FF suspension mounts for NERVIS & Drift Package chassis~

The standard knuckle for 2WD,”GX Front Knuckle”now has a brand new version, it is highly compatible for NERVIS & VX-DOCK chassis. Applied 850 size bearing, “GX front Knuckle” 2nd version for RWD is smaller than ever!  The micro knuckle creates the ultimate small scrub radius. Keeping the important features such as, small scrub radius, high steeling angle and roll center adjustment the same as the original, this new version is more refined. The new revised shape diminishes the friction to the steering rod when it’s in full steering angle. Also the steering rod attachment hole has been moved to a better position.



For the high precision aluminum FF suspension mounts for NERVIS & Drift Package chassis, this was one of the original parts of FR-D series and now available as individual set. The set includes 2.5mm suspension bush and set screws. The round shape in the center area diminishes the contact of suspension mount and servo when attached to the standard servo of VX-DOCK chassis. It can be used as NERVIS FR suspension mount as well.


More new products will be available very soon!!! Stay tuned with us for the latest information~