Venture truck owners and scale Toyota fans can now customize their trucks the officially licensed FJ Cruiser body set from HPI Racing. Loaded with scale features, a custom-painted FJ Cruiser will bring a whole new look to the next trail run. With a clear body to start with, owners have an open canvas to make their own FJ Cruiser – whether it’s to match your full-size FJ Cruiser or make your dream trail truck. Like all HPI bodies, the FJ Cruiser comes with a clear protective overspray film, easy to use vinyl window masks and a large pre-cut decal sheet. The detailed vinyl pre-cut decal sheet comes with all of the official Toyota and FJ Cruiser logos, headlights, tail lights, turn signals and more, plus a complete set of tinted windows, grilles, vents and more. Also included with the body set is the complete set of plastic detail parts including the replica roof rack and side mirrors. All the necessary hardware is included, from the O-rings and body clips for the roof rack to the screws for the side mirrors and tyre mount. For easy mounting, the 315mm wheelbase body also has drill locations marked for the HPI Venture scale crawler chassis, making it very easy to line up the body mount holes or use alternate body mounting methods.

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Quick Features

  • This is an officially licensed replica
  • Clear body (custom painted and detailed example shown)
  • Designed to fit 315mm (12.2″) wheelbase
  • Includes hard plastic side mirrors and scale roof rack with hardware
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, tail lights and more, plus official logos!
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple
  • A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement
  • The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations
  • Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life
  • Paint from the inside with paint formulated for use on polycarbonate plastic (do not use normal model or car paints)
  • Pro Painting Tip: For an easy matte finish look around the front grille, fender flares and around the bottom of the doors, use a sharp hobby knife to lightly cut away the overspray film, then spray black polycarbonate paint on the outside of the body
  • Pro Painting Tip: To make your photos look more realistic, after you finish painted the inside but before removing the window masking, spray a light coat of silver then a light coat of black or dark grey around the window areas

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