Hudy had introduced that a new 80mm to 140mm adjustable droop gauge for 1/8th and 1/10th scale off-road kits. Of a high-quality aluminum construction the droop gauge allows you to check and adjust suspension down travel in a range of 80mm to 140mm and thanks to an adjustable slider, it is more precise than ever before. Using the tool is pretty straight forward.

Let’s check out it now!

rcmart-blog-Hudy New Adjustable Droop Gauge 80mm to 140mm For 18 & 110 Off-Road

The gauge will be attached to the upper shock mounting nut and the ruler on the gauge allows us to measure the distance to the center of the lower shock mounting screw, indicating overall shock length and down travel. The tool is machined from high-quality aluminum, it comes black anodized for wear and looks and white laser-engraved markings help with easy recognition of the settings. The gauge is usable with 1/8th off-road buggies as well as 1/10th scale off-road buggies and trucks.

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