Sometimes it can be tricky to find hobbies for kids, especially those that parents can also participate in. RC building can be a long-term, intricate and rewarding hobby that can be tackled by all ages with the right guidance. With a vast range of RC cars, ships, planes, trains and motorbikes, now is the perfect time for the younger generation to build RC. So, if you ask should you introduce RC Cars to your kid, I will say YES to this surely. Here are some reasons:

Firstly, I think that the children can develops the problem-solving skills while they are constructing the RC. It’s because there are countless assembly techniques that your children can learn while building a RC. Each new technique helps develop their hand-eye coordination and dexterity – vital for other early learning areas such as handwriting. In addition, with so many different pieces and stages in a given build project, there are ongoing opportunities for you and them to problem solve. What piece goes here? How much glue do I need? By introducing basic problem solving at a young age, you set them up to be excellent critical thinkers in the future.


Secondly, building RC can be a fun educational experience. The children can know more about the car mechanical and the difference of different kind of material after they build and play RC, they can know what’s the difference of plastic and aluminum, in the way that they won’t think it s bored.


Thirdly, as a parent, it can be tough to hold the attention of your children for more than 60 seconds. Social media and gaming are hugely popular, and aren’t exactly family-friendly activities. A recent survey of thousands of UK parents revealed that millions of children are spending up to 32 hours a week using technology, which has major implications for their family life, schooling, and overall development. This is why introducing a hobby like playing RC is so important – children need time away from screens to improve their concentration and long-term communication skills. In addition to better preparing them for the real world, build and play RC gives you a chance to demonstrate your experience and skills to your young ones, and allows you to team up on something that you can both be proud of. With every completed project you have a physical example of what you and your kids can achieve when you work together, and loving memories that will last a lifetime.


Moreover, attention spans seem to be shrinking, especially for the newer generations, with people less willing to have patience and commit to anything long-term. By building RC with your children during their formative years, you can teach them how to approach projects in bite-sized pieces, and show them the rewards of patience, perseverance, and ongoing commitment to achieve their goals. While not everybody’s cup of tea, RC is one of the best hobbies for kids, with mass appeal and accessibility for adults and children alike. By building RC with them from a young age you not only help them learn skills and attributes that will help them later in life, but you also get to spend meaningful time with them creating moments that will stay with you both forever.


So what’s stopping you? A few of our customers enjoy racing and bashing with their kids, and it’s definitely refreshing to see that the newer generation can still be enticed by the amazing hobby of RC Cars. A lot of kids are very skilled at RC racing, even going so far as to being sponsored by some of the big name brands in the RC car industry. Children, even the younger ones have an amazing ability to adapt and learn new skills, and RC racing is no exception. Now, if they don’t enjoy RC cars, that’s a different story. Don’t push it on them! But if they show some interest in it, why wouldn’t you capitalize on that?


RC cars can get complicated at times, and there are some elements of danger if you aren’t careful. However, the first thing people learn when they start off in the RC world is that safety is first. As long as adult supervision is provided, there’s no reason why kids shouldn’t be driving RC models. A lot of companies have created very kid-friendly models to accommodate their younger audiences. Off the top of my head, the Tamiya TT-02 series are quite kid-friendly. Not only are these models are not really expensive, TT-02 even have a First-Try Version specially for those first time to  build RC. If you’re worried about larger cars and how your child handles them, get a smaller one like Kyosho Mini-Z or Orlandoo! Seriously, the RC world is so versatile that there’s something for everyone. They make awesome birthday gifts for kids too. Do you remember when you first received your first RC car? Do you remember the joy and elation you felt? Your child can feel that too.


RC cars can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both children and adults. The bonding time spent driving your vehicles together is underrated. Early mornings spent racing across a field or a park, trying to best one another on a course or track. Even simply driving a smaller scale vehicle in the middle of your living room together. These are all moments that you can share with your child if you decide to introduce them to RC cars. Building and fixing your model cars can also be a very rewarding experience. The hobby isn’t for everyone, and we understand that, but with Easter coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of RC.


Credit: Model Space