JConcepts had introduced their Fin titanium turnbuckle sets for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM 3.0 and YZ-2 CAL3 2WD buggies. The base of the design is centred around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts the standard Yokomo ball-cup configuration.

Let’s check out it now!

The turnbuckles are lightweight, and the original “Fin” design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought-after exotic materials in the world. The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left- and right-hand threads with the left being conveniently marked for easy orientation. The #2557-DTMB and #2557-CALB has another feature, a black coloring which gives the stealthiest look in the pits and on the track.

• Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
• High-grade, machined titanium material, colored in black
• Standardized 3mm thread base
• Left- and right-hand threads with conveniently marked left
• Aesthetic jewelry

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

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