KO Propo announced the new EX-RR ST2 competition radio system is coming soon. The radio system features an updated pistol grip and as well as the ST-2 steering wheel unit that both utilize redesigned potentiometers that offer greatly improved durability as well as offering a finer resolution, resulting in optimized throttle and steering feeling. The new potis are said to last 100 times longer than the previous parts, ensuring precise car control even after countless hours of usage. In addition, the steering wheel shaft now is dual ball raced for even greater precision and smoother operation, ensuring the soft steering wheel return spring can operate at greater efficiency. Also part of the updated package is the new grip unit with the throttle lever’s updated geometry allowing for a better and more direct throttle feeling while still retaining its compact site. The EX-RR ST-2 radio comes with the recently introduced Ver.2.12 firmware for the Master Unit that features a rollout calculator for pan cars, a new push control (auto) throttle function that overrides the strong magnetic fields of high-torque motors, and the firmware also includes a new down timer.

Let’s check out it now!

80641 Ko propo 80642 Ko propo 80643 Ko propo 80644 Ko propoComing soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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