Kyosho RC Car Designer Yuichi Kanai has released the teaser image of forthcoming new balance weight options for the Inferno MP10 off-road buggy. Beside front and rear chassis balance weights in 10g and 20g specification, Kyosho will also release rear hub inserts that will add 1.6g per part. The idea is to add unsprung weight to the suspension which will help in bumpy and slippery track conditions. More information about the parts will become available in time for the release.

Let’s check out it now!

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Kyosho Inferno MP10 1/8 4WD Racing Buggy

Video Credit: KYOSHO CORPORATION @YouTube Channel

Based on the ultra-successful MP9 the new buggy until sizes updated suspension components with optimized width and wheelbase settings, ensuring best possible performance in a wide range of track conditions while the new chassis moves the overall weight more forwards the front end, ensuring exceptional steering control and front-end traction. This is further helped by a new steering Ackermann geometry with a new reversible steering plate, allowing to access eight different Ackermann settings to fine-tune steering characteristics to match any track surface and driver preference. The new geometry also maximizes steering lock from side to side thanks to redesigned steering rod ends.

Quick Features

  • New 3mm 7075 chassis
  • More forward weight distribution
  • New front & rear arms
  • Optimized width and wheelbase
  • And more…

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