Kyosho had introduced a new Mini-Z 8500kV BL Conversion Set #MBW2019 allows to easily convert brushed motor Mini-Z buggies to brushless power. The set includes a Speed House XSpeed 85 8500kV brushless motor as well as a new power board, developed in cooperation with Scorpion Power System, with the actual swap being basically a plug and play.

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Kyosho MZ BUGGY Brushless conversion set 8500KV MBW2019


Product Number: MBW2019

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Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR-03EVO N-MM2 4100kV Chassis Set #32794

The existing MINI-Z is installed receiver, servo and ESC by 1 controlled PCB unit. But the new MR-03EVO Chassis Set has separate receiver as 1 unit. By purchasing and installing an optional receiver unit depending on applied transmitter, it allows for Kyosho (KT-18/EX-6/EX-6R/KT-531P/KT-432PT), KO Propo (EX-2/EX-RR) and Futaba (T7PX/T7XC/T4PM) transmitters. Further, by installing new CPU which control servo function only, it improves internal feedback of positioning control which is 11.2 times faster than existing VE PRO models. The newly developed control program realizes the best ever steering feeling in the MINI-Z history. The ESC also improves the response speed in maximum 100 times faster than existing VE PRO models. The newly developed KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 41 (4100KV) brushless motor features easy-to-drive power characteristics and longer runtime. Unlike previous chassis sets, you can change to the brushed motor mode though the I.C.S manager to install an optional brushed motor. The I.C.S manager also allows more precise setting adjustments to be made. New advanced performance features in the MR-03EVO take the MINI-Z racing experience to the next level!

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