Kyosho has released the video of KYOSHO EGG Mario Series RC Car. Kyosho, which manufactures and sells hobby products such as full-scale radio control models and die-cast cars, started to model the product of slot cars from a history of more than 50 years in slot cars named Stadlbauer from July’s through “Kyosho Egg Brand” toy label. collaborating with Nintendo’s game character “Super Mario”, which were modeled will be released in Japan as” Nintendo licensed products “.

Let’s check out it now!

Video Credit: KYOSHO CORPORATION @ YouTube Channel

“Carrera GO !! MarioKart” is a slot car that faithfully reproduces “Wild Star” and you can enjoy racing freely with Mario and Luigi. You can use the “Turbo Button” to flip the loop. Course length 4.9m, rail width 11.4cm.

“MarioKart drone” is a drone that is an image of Mario is boarding with the drone, which equipped with safety automatic take-off and landing functions and auto hovering functions, anyone can fly easily, and the aircraft is also equipped with air pressure sensors that automatically adjust the altitude and gyro sensors that support stable flight-as standard. doing.

The “MarioKart Circuit RC” faithfully reproduces “Turbo One” and lineups two types of Mario and Luigi.

“Mario Kart Buggy RC” faithfully reproduces “Standard ATV” and lineups 3 types of Yoshi, Mario and Princess Peach.

The “Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Scooter” faithfully reproduces the scooter appearing in “New Donk City”, and with its 2ch model, it achieves amazing turning performance and light running with front and rear damper system loading and rubber tire installation.

Totally 10 types of collaboration goods are waiting for you!

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Kyosho 1/28 First Mini-Z Initial-D Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO AE86

Video Credit: KYOSHO CORPORATION @ YouTube Channel

Quick Features

  • Full Length: 130mm
  • Full Width: 70mm
  • Overall Height: 35mm
  • Weight Approximately: 110g (AA alkaline battery not included)
  • Maximum Speed: Training mode: 7km / h Racing mode: 10km / h
  • Operable distance: Approx. 30 m
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz (12 units can run at the same time)
  • Continuous running time: Approximately 60 minutes (when using new alkaline batteries)

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