So, it’s been raining 3 days straight and you can’t contain the RC beast inside you anymore. All of a sudden, you realize that your servo isn’t waterproof…So you just have to wait for another day? No! We are here to help you turn your servo into a waterproof servo in just a few simple steps without having to buy a new one!

The first step is obvious, open up the servo!

rcMart waterproof servo

Take out the electronic board. (Make sure you remember how to put the gears back together!)

rcMart waterproof servo 2

Apply sealant on all exposed electronic parts! Here’s one example but you can choose whichever brand you desire.

rcMart waterproof servo 3rcMart waterproof servo 4

Yes, all exposed electronic parts! That includes the other side on the circuit board. Once its done, patiently wait for it to dry thoroughly.

rcMart waterproof servo 5rcMart waterproof servo 6

Grease up the gears since you have opened up the servo anyway! (Here are 5 tips for making your servo last longer!)

Then put everything back together, DONE!

rcMart waterproof servo 7 rcMart waterproof servo 8

WARNING: Any alteration will void warranty!

If you don’t want to take that risk, you can always get a waterproof servo directly!

Credit@RC 征服者 Hong Kong 4X4 RC Fever