RC famous driver – Masami Hirosaka joined 12th Yamayama Cup what will hold on January 2019. He started the new project video to challenge Yokomo 1:10 BD 9 touring car! Chapter 3 uploaded on 16 January 2019. It is about the review of BD9. It’s a good guideline for you to understand the car.

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: YOKOMO @YouTube Channel

Don’t miss the BD9!

Yokomo BD9 2019 1/10 Touring Car Kit EP #MRTC-BD919

The BD9 features redesigned drivetrain and suspension system and designed more than 90% of the components by thorough practical tests on multiple types of track surface conditions. Moreover, Yokomo reviewed the material and designed it with an updated shape, and gained the best performance that promises reliable operation, even when driving in the extreme state during a race. Updates much more designed for performance, than visible changes.

In addition, the shock is the kit standard which is Big Bore Ultra Short Shock, produced in collaboration with AXON inc. The biggest feature of the BD9 is that it is a machine that everyone can enjoy, with a high-class basic design, eliminating difficult behavior and expensive running costs.

Quick Features

  • Carbon Fiber main chassis
  • 38T pulley system front and rear to optimize axle angles
  • Updated lightweight front and rear bulkhead
  • Narrower bulkheads for improved chassis flexibility
  • And more…

More Yokomo product on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2LeN4DP

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