Last weekend, Matrix Race Cup 2019 Hong Kong had completed successfully in Hong Kong, Tom Racing Circuit. It is a nitro car competition and gathered a lot of people to compete with the winner. All participants had a pleasure RC time. Fortunately, the track is good to race after a short rain.

Let’s check out the highlight video now!

Let’s check out the photo now!


Congrats to all winners, your skill had been proved with your award. Practice makes perfect – to all racer who didn’t get an excepted result!

rcMart, blog, Matrix Race Cup 2019 Hong Kong

rcMart would like to say thank you to Matrix Racing that cooperated with rcMart and supported this event. rcMart is a pleasure to become the distributor in Hong Kong and China region.

rcMart, blog, Matrix Race Cup 2019 Hong Kong

See you all in next rcMart event!

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