Making the Impossible Possible, the words that MIP (Moore’s Ideal Products) live by. In this blog we’ll give you some insight for one of the longest standing R/C companies there are.

MIP Backgroud:

MIP was founded by Eustace Moore Jr. in 1978, since then MIP has grown to become one of the most well known brands in the world! Their most notable release will have to be the MIP 4-10 Legend Conversion Kit for the Classic RC10 Off-Road Buggy which turned it into a 4wd machine!

The founder, being a seasoned racer has transformed his experience in racing into the high quality products which are readily available on the market. Being a top racer and infusing his

MIP Products are truly “Made in the U.S.A.”, with both the designing process and manufacturing all conducted in the headquarters of MIP in Covina, CA, USA. Through the precision which the Swiss-style CNC machining and the high quality Steel Alloys which are precisely formulated giving the perfect balance between weight and strength.  MIPs manufactures using world recognized ISO standards  which meet high tolerances and demands, resulting in its fine reputation servicing the hobby. Besides R/C, MIP also serves as an OEM platform for: medical, aerospace, dental, motor sports, and robotics industries.

Brands which MIP have released products for:

MIP have released CVDs for a vast variety of brands: Team Associated, HPI, Corally, Traxxas, J-Concepts, and Losi pro kits.

And MIP Diffs have also been released for multiple car kits, which have become quite a popular item for Buggy Racers racing in the stock class due to it’s low weight.