Last weekend (21/10/2018), there have the biggest crawler meeting organized in Turkey.  This event was organized by M’one. M’one” intercity crawler platform, is an organization that is aimed at organizing meetings and competitions more effectively, without being related to groups, but in the management of constituent groups.

M’one refers to independent structuring and branding in Rc Crawler category. It started with the efforts of Talez in 2017 and continues with the contributions of four different city groups. M’one (“meeting one” mean first meeting) is literally the first national meeting for rc crawler category intend to coordinate between races and meetings in all groups. M’one, which the second stage was organized and hosted by ‘Scale Crawler İzmir’ in 2018, continues with increasing participation every year.

M’one member groups,
Rc Crawler Custom TR
Scale Crawler İzmir
The Goat Crawlers
Antalya Scale Crawler

Let’s check out the joint meeting of these four group now!

PicsArt_10-24-06.27.43 PicsArt_10-24-06.30.40 PicsArt_10-24-06.31.49 PicsArt_10-24-06.32.45 PicsArt_10-24-06.33.48 PicsArt_10-24-06.34.50 PicsArt_10-24-06.35.50 PicsArt_10-24-06.37.03 PicsArt_10-24-06.37.43 PicsArt_10-24-06.48.28 PicsArt_10-24-06.49.36 PicsArt_10-24-06.50.29 PicsArt_10-24-06.51.56 PicsArt_10-24-06.52.52 PicsArt_10-24-06.53.47 PicsArt_10-24-06.55.42 PicsArt_10-24-06.56.59 PicsArt_10-24-06.57.54 PicsArt_10-24-06.59.11 PicsArt_10-24-07.04.44 PicsArt_10-24-07.05.29 PicsArt_10-24-07.06.29 PicsArt_10-24-07.13.53 PicsArt_10-24-07.23.08 PicsArt_10-24-07.23.52 PicsArt_10-24-07.24.49 PicsArt_10-24-07.25.48 PicsArt_10-24-07.29.17 PicsArt_10-24-07.30.57 PicsArt_10-24-07.31.50 PicsArt_10-24-07.32.54 PicsArt_10-24-07.36.00 PicsArt_10-24-07.37.23 PicsArt_10-24-07.38.23 PicsArt_10-24-07.39.29 PicsArt_10-24-07.40.18 PicsArt_10-24-07.42.20 PicsArt_10-24-07.43.54 PicsArt_10-24-07.45.17 PicsArt_10-24-07.46.02 PicsArt_10-24-07.46.41 PicsArt_10-24-07.48.02 PicsArt_10-24-07.52.35 PicsArt_10-24-07.56.44 PicsArt_10-24-07.58.07 PicsArt_10-24-07.59.12 PicsArt_10-24-08.01.30 PicsArt_10-24-08.04.56 PicsArt_10-24-08.05.54 PicsArt_10-24-08.07.12 PicsArt_10-24-08.09.11 PicsArt_10-24-08.11.24 PicsArt_10-24-08.12.23 PicsArt_10-24-08.13.56 PicsArt_10-24-08.14.50 PicsArt_10-24-08.16.03 PicsArt_10-24-08.21.40 PicsArt_10-24-08.26.41 PicsArt_10-24-08.27.59 PicsArt_10-24-09.02.12 PicsArt_10-24-09.05.57 PicsArt_10-24-09.43.50 PicsArt_10-25-12.01.12 99999
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