See Why Nothing Stops the Full-Size Traxxas Summit
The Traxxas Summit introduced the hobby world to remotely-operated T-Lock™ differentials, high/low transmission, and rocker-actuated suspension. Never before had this much technology been packed into a large-scale waterproof truck. Outfitted with massive Titan 775 power, the Summit redefined off-road adventure with its go-anywhere capability and high-speed fun. Watch the Summit claw its way over rocks, streams, and anything else that gets in its way in this new action video.

Remote Locking Differential
At your command, the servo-actuated T-Lock™ system engages eight steel drive dogs to lock the differential. Match the locking mode to the challenges of the terrain; Summit’s T-Lock differential system allows you to select front-lock for dig-style turns in tight quarters, front and rear lock for total climbing traction, or front and rear open differentials for optimum handling and a tight turning radius.
traxxas summit new action video monster crawler purple rock
High-Low Transmission
Not only was Summit the first truck to offer remote locking diffs, it’s also the only truck equipped with a remote-shifting High-Low transmission. In low gear, Summit’s 70:1 final-drive ratio turns rpm into pure torque to power up and over any obstacle that dares to get in the way. Upshift to high for a 25:1 ratio and all the speed you need to attack jumps and make tracks in a hurry.



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