With the MST CMX short wheelbase crawler arrived, our colleague quickly bought one and built it up over the Xmas Holidays. Powering up this rig is Yeahracing’s Tritronic Waterproof Brushed ESC paired with the Hackmoto V2 35t Brushed motor. At the helm is the Power HD 20KG servo (LF-20MG) and controlling all of this is a Onisiki 2.4GHz Radio System. Check out his build process below!


As per every MST kit, everything is packaged nicely in plastic bags so you can keep track of where you are up to.

rcmart-mst-cmx-006 rcmart-mst-cmx-009

This kit already comes with tires, inserts and wheels. The tires included are of a very low diameter, measuring in at only a 90mm height (When compared to a 121mm of a 1.9 inch Pro-line TSL). We believe this is to keep everything in scale when used with short wheel based bodies!

rcmart-mst-cmx-010 rcmart-mst-cmx-012 rcmart-mst-cmx-011


Although the included shocks are plastic, they provide a very smooth and consistent dampening. We would expect nothing less from MST as they would have plenty experience of building dampers for the drift market. Included are 3 sets of springs (soft, med. and hard). This is nice as it allows for customizing the setup without buying anything extra! The kit oil might be a bit light (150#) but time will tell as we bring this rig out onto the trail.

rcmart-mst-cmx-015 rcmart-mst-cmx-017 rcmart-mst-cmx-026The kit is kitted out with a four link system, having a background in drift cars the material of plastic used was very hard. When we mean hard, they were finger crushingly hard. So to install the balls into the ball ends we used two 2mm drivers and miraculously the hole in the Hudy driver was just the right size for pushing the ball into the ball end. Included in the kit were enough parts to make either a 242 or a 252mm wheelbase. Whilst the 267mm setting will require purchase of additional links!

rcmart-mst-cmx-029 rcmart-mst-cmx-032 rcmart-mst-cmx-031 rcmart-mst-cmx-030


Onto the gearbox, here you will be able to see that bushings are included in the kit and not bearings. There are ups and downs to both, with the bushings included you can rest assured that the drivetrain will not seize up due to a rusted bearing, however the drive train will not be as smooth as a bearing one.

rcmart-mst-cmx-044 rcmart-mst-cmx-036 rcmart-mst-cmx-037Onto the axles, the CMX comes with steel bevel and diff gears to deal with the stresses and loads on the trail. As per the gearbox, the diff spins on bushings. We recommend using some lube to make sure the driveshafts spin freely. The Vanquish Grease being waterproof will work well in crawling conditions.

rcmart-mst-cmx-039 rcmart-mst-cmx-042 rcmart-mst-cmx-041Here you can see the axle builds up to be a nice snug unit with the servo sitting ontop of the front axle as per most other Crawlers. We opted for the Xtra Speed 25T Aluminum Servo horn as we want to prevent the problem of stripping servo horns on the trail.

rcmart-mst-cmx-054 rcmart-mst-cmx-058 rcmart-mst-cmx-055


Here are the electronics all mounted up. As you can see the car comes with a receiver box that will keep dust and other junk you might meet on the trail away from the receiver. As our colleague was just entering the R/C world, he chose the Onisiki radio system which will be more than enough to navigate this car!

rcmart-mst-cmx-062 rcmart-mst-cmx-063



As for the bodies for the MST CMX, there’s the Unimog 406 which is the shortest wheelbase that is possible with the CMX at 242mm. At 252mm, there are the Land Cruiser 40 and Ford Bronco 1973 Ver. Last but not least with the purchase of the option part to bring the CMX to 267mm wheelbase you will be able to use the Toyota FJ Cruiser bodyset!