MST will release global limited edition FXX 2.0 KMW will be released! KMW has updated technology, highest performance, and high-quality chassis. The shaft-driven 4WD chassis utilises a 3.5mm carbon fibre chassis and vertical top deck design and it boasts a multitude of red anodized aluminum options to make it stand out. Features include a newly designed motor mount with integrated arm mounts, a redesigned steering assembly allows for maximized steering angles and the car comes with an aluminum alloy ATK front-wheel seat.

Let’s check out it now!

Limited Edition FXX 2.0

The exclusive adjustable design features three-stage tow distance and four different Ackermann lock points, allowing for massive front wheel steering throw while offering more Ackermann angle settings. In rear the chassis is equipped with an aluminium alloy MB rear suspension system with reactive toe adjustment. Offering a wide range of adjustments the rear side bite can be fine-tuned to adjust the slip angle to the driver’s liking. The kit is rounded out by a newly designed aluminium alloy deceleration system with a wide range of gear ratio adjustments and it comes including an aluminium nameplate of a limited serial number to highlight the kit’s uniqueness.

Quick Feature

1. The newly designed aluminum alloy motor mount is capable of the new aluminum alloy upper swing arm and the new hem arm.
2. The newly designed steering system and the new geometric setting large front steering angle allow the body to make a greater drift angle.
3. It is equipped with an aluminum alloy ATK front-wheel seat. The exclusive adjustable design of three-stage tow distance and four-direction Ackermann lock points, allowing the front wheel to turn at a large angle and having more Ackermann angle settings.
4. Equipped with a new aluminum alloy MB rear suspension system. The rich adjustment mechanism can use the change of gravity on the corner by the body side tilt for the rear-wheel steering, and to increase or decrease the tail slip force.
5. The newly designed aluminum alloy deceleration system has more gear ratio adjustments.
6. Newly designed carbon fiber 3.5mm chassis. The electric equipment is more concentrated towards the rear so that the front and rear have a good weight distribution.

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