MST released TCR-FF RTR HONDA EG6! The 1/10 hard frame TCR series from the MST team has the four-wheel independent suspension and various wheelbase settings ( 0mm/+6mm/-6mm of the different chassis), comes with a true scaled car shell. The drive integrates three modes of FF/MR/RR to be close to the real car configuration, let players feeling the most original fun and enthusiasm of RC.

Let’s check out it now!

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The TCR series idea is coming from the real racing event ” TCR International Series” (Changed to SWTC in 2018). The concept of ” lower entry threshold “, ” more reasonable cost “, ” more fair play ” as the development vision, to achieve ” simple “
, ” low threshold “, ” easy to get a start “, ” multiple configurations “, ” reality “, ” Suitable play for RC CUP “. The development team definitely will not forget the performance requirements!

Quick Features:

  • Color: Red / Flat Yellow / White
  • Specification: 1:10 Racing Car
  • Wheelbase: 257mmWidth: 184mm
  • Drive mode: FF
  • Caster: adjustable 5 degree
  • Full ball bearing
  • XB60 Brushed ESC
  • 12000rpm 380 Motor

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