Orlandoo released a new 1/32 micro Crawler car kit w/ Defender D110 Body. rcMart got a prototype of new micro crawler from Orlandoo. So we quickly built it and shared with you the process. In this blog, we had a full record to induce how we build this rig. Also, we filmed a racing video of this micro crawler in the end. Don’t miss this awesome video!

Let’s check out it now!


This is the box from Orlandoo, the new 1/32 mirco crawler w/ D110 Body! What is the secret inside the box?

Let’s open it!


The first thing to come out is the manual sheet of the new crawler, it lists out the parts/reference number and the step for building this crawler! The box included manual, the decoration sheet, and six packages.


Package A -The Front and Rear Axle


Before you take out all the screw and parts for the bag, the parts tray as all the parts are easy to be lost as extremely small.

OK, We can take out these little parts now.


Let’s scale it now!

Here is a little tip: If the screws are very small, just a magnet to stabilize it!

Find out more about parts tray on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2zKkYLS

DSC03631 DSC03632 DSC03634 DSC03636

Is time to adding the lubricant into the axle that enables it runs smoothly.

DSC03618 DSC03625

Install the ball cup into the object (A little tips  – Screw on a screw into the hole and remove it, it enable you to install the ball cup easily)
DSC03637DSC03630 DSC03638

Let’s move on to Bag B – Turnbuckles

DSC03640 DSC03641

All turnbuckles assembled

DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03646 DSC03650

Connect the turnbuckles to the front and rear axle


Open the Package C – The Main Chassis


The Light Cup

DSC03655 DSC03658 DSC03659

The Front and Rear Bumper

DSC03661 DSC03662

The Chassis (We can see the structure now)

DSC03685 DSC03687 DSC03688 DSC03689

Move on the Package D -Suspension system & Transportation System

DSC03690 DSC03691 DSC03730 DSC03731 DSC03732 DSC03733 DSC03734 DSC03735

Install the backend tire for decoration.

DSC03737 DSC03740 DSC03741

Build the tire and wheel





Install the electronic part (Motor, servo, receiver, etc.)

You may need the combo –

Orlandoo 1/32 Defender D110 Scale Crawler Kit OH32A03-KIT w/ Motor ESC Servo Battery Combo Set #CB1224

Orlandoo D4L 2.4GHz Multifunction Radio System Set w/ 4-in-1 Receiver LED Light Speaker Set #D4L

As the original package have no electronic part and transmitter!





DSC03977 DSC03978 DSC03979 DSC03980 DSC03981 DSC03982 DSC03983 DSC03984 DSC03986

The Adventure of Little Car in rcMart Office – Orlandoo w/D110 Body #OH32A03-KIT

Orlandoo 1/32 Crawler Assembly Kit EP w/ Defender D110 Body #OH32A03-KIT

Quick Features

  • A cellphone-size 1/32 crawler car kit
  • Include Clear Defender D110 Body

Find out more: https://bit.ly/2APIOpr

Let’s get yours now on rcMart!

More Orlandoo Product on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2yJqVrY

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