Orlandoo first took the world by storm with the OH35P01 1/35 Palm Sized Crawler with a F150 body, then with the addition a full range of option parts for the OH35P01 the little crawler was indistinguishable from the 1/10 Crawlers!  Now, Orlandoo have released a update to their successful little platform, called the OH35A01!

Check out full detailed photos below! It will come with an ABS Jeep Wrangler Rubicon hard plastic body, and will be un-painted white. At this stage it seems only the axles will be carried over from the OH35P01.

OH35A01-尺寸 OH35A01-车架 OH35A01-电装位置

Basically, this time the chassis has been designed with sections to place each item to evenly distribute the weight. The OH35A01 will mount: the receiver, ESC and battery towards the rear of the chassis. Taking from the design of 1/10 Crawlers, there will be space to add weight to the front of the chassis to increase the crawling capabilities!

P3 OH35A01-白壳 OH35A01-涂装展示02 OH35A01-涂装展示03 P1 P2