In this blogpost, we will go through how to install the Front and Rear Aluminum Axle set for the Orlandoo 1/35 palm sized crawler!

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To convert your palm sized crawler to aluminum axles, you will require: Front and Rear Aluminum Axle set , Link set and Aluminum driveshafts. These are required because the geometry of the car has been changed with the different links placement.




rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-002 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-003
Here is the alloy upgrade gear set for a more durable drive train, we recommend doing this upgrade if you are planning on bringing this car offroading!

rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-004 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-005
Here you can see that the axles are actually prebuilt and the only thing required to be assembled is the servo mount.

rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-006 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-007

The driveshafts are exactly identical to the ones you would see on a 1/10 crawler, so the amount of detail you can see here is very high.

rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-008 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-009
rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-010 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-011
The servo mount included with the kit features adjustable width, so Orlandoo kept the possibility of users being able to mount different sized servos to the axles. The alloy gears were a straightforward exercise of replacing the plastic gears with the alloy ones, so nothing much to say here.
rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-012 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-013
The kit comes with 3mm LEDS, we experimented through installing larger leds to give more lighting and it seems to look good inside the included light buckets included with the kit.
rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-014 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-015
Here you will be able to see the mentioned shortened links required for installing aluminum axles when compared to the kit included ones.

rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-016 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-017 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-018 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-019 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-020 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-021 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-022 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-023 rcmart-orlandoo-oh35po1-option-024

And thus concludes our how-to on installing the Aluminum axles and alloy gearset for the gearbox! We will be demonstrating the sound module install next! So stay tuned to our blog for more news!
Check out some footage of the fun palm sized truck in action: