Overdose had introduced new aluminum One-Piece Axle Shaft For OD/RWD Front and it weighed 1 gram only.  Amazing 1g weight realized by changing the material from steel to aluminum (single 4mm specification). It is less than half the weight of a standard steel axle shaft, greatly improving acceleration performance. The wheel hub and axle shaft are integrated to improve wheel mounting and rotation accuracy, enabling smooth running.

Let’s check out it now!

Only 1 gram! Amazing lightness and high rotation accuracy!
Aluminum one-piece axle shaft with integrated wheel hub !!

Integrated front aluminum axle shaft with wheel hub for the front of RWD chassis is now available.

Use a specially designed wheel washer and countersunk screw for mounting the wheel.


OD2713 – 5 Aluminum One-Piece Axle Shaft 4mm (For OD/RWD Front)

OD2716 – 8 Aluminum One-Piece Axle Shaft 6mm (For OD/RWD Front)

Also, Overdose released the spare parts for that

OD2719 – 21 Wheel Washer Set (For OD2713-8)


Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

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