Overdose released a premium emblem series sticker which obtains a high-class feeling with shaping with three-dimensional sense, the Overdose Logo Type Gold and Overdose Letter Type Gold!

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Don’t miss the newest version of Overdose GALM!

Overdose GALM 1/10 RWD IFS High-Performance Drift Chassis Kit w/Floating Motor Mount System #OD2550

OD 4th chassis kit “GALM (GALM)” is finally coming. Although it is a full-fledged specification of carbon double deck + belt drive, it is easy to assemble chassis structure that even beginners can take with peace of mind. Equipped with an aluminum oil damper on the four wheels, adopting an inboard type suspension at the front prevents interference between the shock and the wheel even at the large steering angle while maximizing the performance of the shock. We also have a set with DAIS. Anyone can feel free to RWD drift without worrying about the compatibility of servos and mechanics

By using motor reverse torque, increase traction and rear tire grip. The motor is attached to the floating motor mount, not to the chassis directly, this will prevent floating of front tire yet will increase weight to rear tires. Front and Rear tires grip balance are maintained. This will enhance cornering and acceleration. Attachment part can be changed between rigid color type and o ring type. You can choose depending on the motor and surface etc. Right in the back includes a service hole which can be used for diffuser etc. Weight is only increased by 32g using this unit.


Quick Feature

  • For: 1/10 RC Drift Car
  • A full-scale carbon made double deck chassis with the belt drive, offering easy assembly for beginners.
  • All four wheels are equipped with aluminum oil shocks.
  • The inboard type front suspension optimizes the shock performance and eliminating its friction against the wheels in deep corners at the same time.

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