It’s a lovely month to be a drifter. With Overdose releasing a plethora of new parts there will be something you will be able to find something for you.

First up, are these aluminum trailing angle arms for the Overdose’s XEX ze cross Drift Car . This item allows you to adjust the arm sweep of the rear arms without adjusting the toe settings in the rear end of the car. According to Overdose, this allows the car to drift faster at a larger angle!



Next up are items for the Yokomo Drift Package, weight shift chassis’s have been around for some time and it seems Overdose want to get in on the action! Coming from them is this height adjustable motor mount which lets you set the centre of gravity of your car a bit higher, this mount will let you set it to a maximum of 2mm higher.od1

Last but not least is also an item for the Yokomo Drift package, a once piece aluminum front strut. The purpose of this item is that it changes the traditional three piece structure to a one piece which in turn make the front end of the chassis have less flex! This in turn should translate to better consistency on the track and a car which is easier to control!od