Performa Racing had introduced a new P1 150A Sensor/Sensorless Controller that was developed to deliver unmatched power, performance, and reliability for demanding 1/8th scale racing applications. Built with high-quality components and loaded with cutting edge firmware, the 150A-rated 2S to 6S LiPo-compatible ESC will protect itself from damage due to abuse, overuse, and even human error.

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Performa Racing | P1 150A Sensor/Sensorless Controller – Unmatched Power #PA9348

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With high power output and adjustable parameters, the controller delivers the smooth throttle response and linear throttle/brake control even in demanding racing conditions. It also features an integrated HV BEC with 4 Amp output current and adjustable output voltage from 6 to 8.4V. The Performa cooling technology utilizes heat-conductive copper bars to rapidly and effectively transfer all internal heat from the MOSFET board to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminum heatsink housing. The cooling fan utilizes a shockproof mounting system that reduces the possibility of fan damage due to the repeated shock of landing jumps in a 1/8 scale off-road environment. The speedo also features an electronic switch, allowing settings from an integrated button while even easier programming is accessible using an optional programming box.

– Current: 150A continuous, 1080A peak
– Motor Type: Sensored/sensorless brushless motor
– Applications: 1/8 scale on-road/off-road, competition level
– Motor limit: 4S LiPo/12 Cell NiMH: 3000Kv for 4274 sizes or smaller motor, 6S LiPo/18 Cell NiMH: 2400Kv for 4274 sizes or smaller motor
– LiPo/NiMH Cells: 2-6S LiPo
– BEC output: 6V/7.2V switchable, continuous current of 4A (switch-mode BEC)
– Cooling fan: powered by BEC output voltage
– Connectors: tubes
– Size: 58x48x37mm (LxWxH)
– Weight: 159g (no wires)

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