RC 4X4 Scale Meet Taiwan 2018 had been completed successfully on 18 November 2018. It is the largest crawler meeting in Taiwan annually. The event gathered many crawler lovers from different areas who live in Taiwan. This is a fun time for the driver sharing their skill and compete for the price. rcMart, Yeah Racing, Xtra Speed, etc. had sponsored this event and send two cars – Team Associated 1/12 Ford F-150 4X4 Off Road Crawler RTR Black Editon for supporting organizer team to run the event. rcMart wants to promote the RC culture everywhere in order to make people know what is RC. It is a great opportunity for the beginner to get in touch to the RC as there has a beginner booth in the venue.

Let’s check out this event now!  The highlight video is coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

RC 4X4 Scale Meet Taiwan 2018 @Track Preparation

Let’s check out the highlight photo of this event!

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Team Associated 1/12 Ford F-150 4X4 Off Road Crawler RTR Black Editon

The CR12 Trail Series 4×4 truck may be small in size, but it is packed full of features. This rig comes Ready-To-Run with Reedy Power electronics and meets S.O.R.R.C.A. class 1 and 2 rules right out of the box. No need to prep or build your rig; just charge it and you’re ready to hit the trails! Designed not only for scale looks with realistic wheels, tires and a licensed Ford F-150 Pick-Up body, the CR12 is built for performance as well. The steel ladder frame chassis provides the perfect backbone for this rugged little rig. The 4-link suspension, threaded shocks, and soft rubber tires give the grip and performance needed to climb over the roughest terrain. Transferring power to the rocks is a compact 3-gear transmission, front steel CVA axles, and includes metal-shield ball bearings.



Quick Features

  • Metal front CVA and rear solid axle shafts with 12mm hex adapters
  • Metal 4-link front and rear suspension
  • Fully adjustable, threaded, fluid-filled shocks
  • Chassis-mounted steering (CMS) servo
  • 13.98:1 ratio 3-gear transmission with integrated motor mount
  • 16-piece metal-shield ball bearing set
  • 2.4GHz XP transmitter and receiver
  • And more…

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