An exciting match –  RC Passion Mini 1:10 Fun Race had been completed successfully in Brunei, 10th Feb 2019. rcMart sponsored driver – Ashabirin Suhaili got the Top qualifier and A-main champion with ABC Hobby 1/10 Grande Gambado Naked Basic.

Wow, it is a good result for a driver.

Let’s us check out the highlight of this event and the spec of the winner car!







Congrats Ashabirin Suhaili(G Birin) got the Top qualifier and A-main champion with ABC Hobby Gambado.

Let’s check out his car now!


Winner Car – Spec

Chassis: ABC Hobby 1/10 Grande Gambado Naked Basic
Body: blitz racing rs4 mini 1:10
Battery: Zombie lihv 6400mah
Motor: 13.5t zombie brushless motor
Esc: Hobbywing 120a v3.1
TransmitterFutaba 7px limited edition
Servo: OMG low profile high speed

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ABC Hobby X rcMart Gambado NAKED 2019 Mini FF EP Car Kit #25597-19ver

The Gambado NAKED rcMart Limited CFRP Ver. 2019 is a high-performance Front Wheel Drive M chassis that will bring excitement to both hobbyist and racer. The design and engineering put into this chassis promote performance and durability of the Gambado, Full Ball bearings, Universal Shafts, Hex hardware, CFRP chassis that can accommodate the latest 7.4V Lipo Batteries with the low center of gravity design layout all come as standard with this car kit.

Quick Features
-Aluminum Suspension Holder included
-Motor Fan Plate w/Mount included
-Universal Joint (CVD)
-Front Knuckle Arm
-Stabilizer (Anti-roll bar) Front & Rear
-And more…
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