Every RC player must have a problem with the maintenance of a dirty motor. For every RC beginner, they may don’t know how to clean the dirty motor. Here is the guideline to teach you how to do the maintenance of a dirty motor. It is so important as a good maintenance work leads your RC parts durable.

Let’s check out it now!


This time, we will use Onisiki SHURADual Sensor Port 540 Brushless Sensored Motor to demonstrate the clean work of motor.


Now, we can take a look for the screw on the motor. Onisiki SHURADual Sensor Port 540 Brushless Sensored Motor applied the one-sided screw concept that means the modify screw and set screw had been placed on the same side. Generally, the motor is common to set them on the opposite side.

For the clean work, we just need to take off the set screw only that the three screw on the outer ring.


The set screw is using 2.5mm screw that we need to use a 2.5mm driver to take it out.


After you take off the three set screw, the upper-structure can be removed easily. You just need to push it.


The upper-structure had been removed!


Now, we need to take off the rotor for the motor, it good to clean the internal side of the motor.

Note: Use the clamp tool can help you take out the rotor easily.


We now have the Motor, Upper-structure, rotor, and three set screw.


People may use some ring the modify the post for the rotor. The perfect rotor post leads to the performance of the motor will be increased.

We need to take off some ring and clean the o-ring and rotor too.


Take off the ring!



Now, we can use the dry electronics cleaner aerosol to clean these parts.

Don’t forget the ring and rotor.

After we clean the motor parts, we have to dry it.

You can just place these place a long time to get it dry


You can use the hair dryer to dry it


After we had cleaned the motor, we need to add the bearing oil into the bearing parts, it can make your motor run smoothly and durable.

We will use Yeah Racing Bearing oil.



A simple work to make your motor durable.

Let do it in your motor regularly.

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