When you ran your truck through the creek, the foam in tires is full of water, how do you get the water out? The wheels have small holes molded in to allow air to enter and exit the tire during normal running. Water will enter these holes and get trapped inside the tires if holes are not cut in the tires. For every RC beginner, you may don’t know how to get water out of the tires.

Here is a quick tutorial for you!

First, prepare the tires you want to get out the water.


Next, use a tire hole punch (or a drill) to make a few holes around the tires.


Then, put the truck on a block, and use the throttle to spin the water out the tires. Be careful, don’t spin too fast at the beginning. Notice the spray of the tires.

If your truck is 2WD, you should use a drill to spin the tires. You also need an old axle with pin, hub, and nut to help you.

It’s an easy way to get out the water from the tires. It will not dry your tires completely, but it will get enough water out to run your car. After you use this method to dry your tires, the holes are still on the tires, and it can increase the traction of your truck.

Hope this is helpful for you.

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