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In this lesson, we are going to share how to make your LiPo Battery long lasting and good for use. Most of the beginner was worrying about the LiPo Battery as dangerous and trouble about the discharge.

The Way of Maintenance

When you got a LiPo, the user should take a look of the description label on the battery.

  • If you got a 2S LiPo Battery, You will see the battery is including 2 smaller battery

Same Concept

  • If you got a 3S LiPo Battery, You will see the battery is including 3 smaller battery
  • If you got a 4S LiPo Battery, You will see the battery is including 4 smaller battery

When you want to charge the battery, the battery connects to the charger. But the charger does not know which small battery that needs to be charged. So, it is important to connect the voltage divider wire. The voltage divider wire can protect the Lipo Battery as it can divide the pressure of the voltage to each small battery. It ensures each small batteries can be charged equally and safely.


Each small batteries are stylish, you should treat each battery in a separate part as it will be damaged when each one has no voltage storage.

It is the thing that people hate LiPo battery!

The minimum storage level of a small battery is 3.8V and the maximum level is 4.2V.

LiPo Battery


2S 3S





= 7.6V


= 11.4V


= 15.2V

Fully Charged



= 8.4V


= 12.6V


= 12.6 V

The nature of LiPo Battery is special, we just need to remember how much V is no power. That’s the best moment to store your battery.

As we mentioned before, the battery will be crashed as out of battery. But it can be battery expansion when it charged.

So, we should go running the car when the battery got a full charge. If the battery got fully charged, it can be storage 2 days maximally. For 2 days up, the user needs to maintain the minimum level for storage what mentioned above.

Tips for LiPo Battery

  • Select correct charging mode, it will burn and explosion
  • Over-Charge and Over-Discharge will damage the battery
  • Current usage and maintain work leads battery long lasting
  • Generally, all charger have the alarm function what enable to notify you when the battery get fully charging

If you do the maintenance work correctly, You don’t need to afford the LiPo battery.

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