Not so long ago we introduced the EXO-Five chassis conversion and everyone loved it. Unfortunately Exotek decided to sell it themselves only so we are unable to bring it to you guys. However, one of our colleagues absolutely fell in love with it and decided to buy it himself.

We’ll go over the components with you quickly:

Nothing special about the packing, though we would’ve liked a box to keep the chassis flat during shipping instead of a plastic bag.

















Your run of the mill carbon fibre chassis, you will notice there are long counter sunk holes. These are for you to adjust the battery holder for either normal or shorty packs. At the end and at the front of the chassis there are holes so that you can check the left and right balance of the car.




















Glossy carbon fibre topdeck keeping the chassis straight.


















Super sexy aluminum cnc one piece motor mount with slick laser etching Exotek Logo on the top for extra bling.

















Hard anodized center shaft drive unit. The bottom cup uses Tamiya’s own swingshaft protectors so that you are replacing a one dollar part everytime and not the entire drive shaft component.  The bottom cup slides out, we guess this is so that when the cup eventually wears out you’re not replacing the entire part.

















Last but not least the one piece floating servo mount, same as the motor mount this lovely piece of engineering is CNC’d from one piece of aluminum with a Exotek logo fitting perfectly on the top perch.


















I was very impressed how Exotek put so much effort into bringing this car back into a more modern configuration for stock racers who love shaft cars however there aren’t many choices on the market. Either you paid a huge premium for the currently most popular shaft car or you had to put up with shaft cars that are out of date.